Where Is Your Marijuana Grown?

Our CBD stores sell local cannabis in Stevensville, Missoula and Lolo, MT

If you use CBD or medical marijuana, finding high-quality cannabis is your priority. Bliss cultivates the cannabis that we sell, store and use to make marijuana products with an integrated system. You can find some of the best bud and other products at one of our dispensaries and CBD stores in Missoula, Lolo or Stevensville, MT.

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Bliss began as a medical marijuana dispensary and CBD store in Lolo, MT. We've been building a knowledgeable team and developing client relationships while expanding to Stevensville and Missoula. Our crew has been growing cannabis locally to produce high-quality products, including recreational marijuana products in January 2022. To talk to our local team, call 406-830-0200 now.

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Whether you're seeking the benefits of CBD or medical marijuana, we can provide many options. Each CBD and marijuana dispensary offers fresh, fair-priced:




Having seen how these products change people's lives and provide alternatives to heavy pharmaceutical use, we're passionate about our work. Consult our team right away about what you want to experience with CBD or marijuana. You can also visit us for e-liquids or disposable vapes.