Buy Locally Grown Marijuana

Visit our medical marijuana dispensary in Missoula, Lolo or Stevensville, MT

When it comes to medical marijuana, quality is important. You're using it to address a medical problem, not just to have fun or relax after a long day. You can get high-quality marijuana at Bliss, a dispensary with locations in Lolo, Stevensville and Missoula, MT.

We grow, harvest, process and sell marijuana and related products. Our selection includes marijuana edibles, concentrate and flower. While we don't sell papers, we do sell water pipes and accessories. To ask about our selection, use the form on the Contact Us page today.

Holistic relief is our goal

At Bliss, we're big believers in medical marijuana's potential as an alternative to pharmaceutical treatments like opioids. We strive to:

  • Cultivate healthy craft cannabis in a socially and environmentally responsible way
  • Create high-quality marijuana edible, smokeable and topical products
  • Help people reduce or replace pharmaceuticals with their medical providers' guidance
You can visit us to buy up to 1 ounce per day, up to 5 ounces per month. For details about local adult-use laws, visit this page right away.